A.Y.E Trust Fund is an innovative platform and the FIRST entrepreneurs’ cooperative in the World, designed to encourage its members to imbibe the savings culture and gain access to no interest, no collateral instant loans in case of business and life emergencies.

The online platform is user friendly, easily accessible by entrepreneurs and other people in the society with similar interests. The platform offers its members enormous social, economical, relational and financial benefits to engage in their day to day business activities.

This platform is set to reduce the mortality rate of businesses in Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. This Trust platform encourages business relationships across borders and caters to existing and new A.Y.E Members.

Beyond weekly savings and access to loans in approximately 59 Seconds with No Interest, No Collateral, No Paper Work and No Credit Check, the A.Y.E Trust Fund offers members a Trusted partner that they can ALWAYS rely on at any point in time.

Our members do not only enjoy having a Trusted partner that encourages them to consistently save but also a partner that is always available 24/7 to offer Free Legal Advice, Free Medical Advice, Free Business Advice, Emergency Travel Cover, Power of Purchase in time of urgent business needs and many more benefits that are mind blowing.

Join this wonderful Trust Community today and relate with other trusted people that you can always count on.

“If you Trust me, I will Trust you.”